Parent Testimonials

 “All four of my children attended Torbank and I cannot say enough about the school, the teachers, and the program itself. Not only is it warm and welcoming places for the children, but the parents are supported as well. The tuition is affordable and you can become involved in your child’s education if you like.” 

 “Torbank Nursery School is a magical place in that it provides intimate class sizes and accommodates children with food allergies with a heightened awareness. The teachers always take time to share with the parents what the kids did that day. The older class takes a variety of field trips throughout the school year. This gives them a sense of being grown-up and exploring the world beyond the classroom. I have particularly enjoyed watching my son grow last year and now this year. There is definitely none of that "factory feeling" present here that I experienced when scoping out other preschools in the area. What I mean by that, is that most schools I had looked at seemed like it was like an assembly line of kids as if they were being barked orders or spoken to like a drill sergeant would address his army, or were just too chaotic in nature. Torbank Nursery School is definitely a home away from home for my son. There is a perfect mixture of structure, learning, interactive, imaginative and free play. The playground is lovely and the kids are so fond of it!”